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Digital Health solutions and products

Vree Health

  • Certified Digital Health solutions
  • Innovative patient-centered health management models
  • Evidence-based approach

We provide hospitals, local or regional health services, healthcare facilities and insurance companies with certified digital health products and solutions We improve access to healthcare services, medical outcomes and quality care.


Technology That Cares

An ecosystem of three independent and easily integrable units, offering flexible solutions tailored to the customer’s requirement:

  • CHS® Platform
  • Vreely® App
  • Analytics & Integration

With Tech-Care, we take care of health at any time: from prevention to chronic care management.
It is on such structure that we have built all our Digital Health solutions and services.

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Innovation in the monitoring of neuromuscular blocking
iTOF® ® is a modern medical device for the analysis and monitoring of neuromuscular paralysis and anesthesiologic management during surgery.

Doctor Plus®


Sustainable diagnostics and prevention in all healthcare touchpoints
Doctor Plus® Analysis is a customizable health monitoring service, designed to optimize the relationship between patients and healthcare providers, in support of local care services.

By making the most of all the potentials of the Tech-Care ecosystem, we can deliver a wide range of screening, telemedicine, awareness-raising, wellness and wellbeing services.
We improve access to health services and control over one’s health.

Chronic Plus®

From “treating” to “caring”
Chronic Plus® improves the management and support of chronic patients. We value time, peopleand their uniqueness.

This service optimizes two-way interaction among doctors, patients and healthcare facilities byeasing therapeutic compliance, appointments and access to all data (PDTA or diagnostic and treatment protocols, PAI or individual health care plans, current treatments, vital signs, etc.) forsustainable chronic care management.

Doctor Plus®

Always on your side
Doctor Plus® keeps control of health through telemonitoring, teleconsultation and video visit.

A solution that includes the CHS® Platform, the Vreely® App (connected to a kit of certified instruments to measure vital signs), and the Service Centre for specialist care and technical support.

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