Doctor Plus®

Health monitoring is more effective and manageable

Through telemedicine services, such as telemonitoring, teleconsultation and video visits, Doctor Plus® aims to offer a reliable support system that can be helpful to health professionals and users alike, that is easy to start off, simple to manage, and effective.

The service is flexible and can be tailored to people’s needs:

  • The CHS® Platform, to share data in real time with all the people involved in the treatment plan.
  • The Vreely® App to have access to telemedicine services, record and view health information; it can interface with the kit of certified devices. In addition, it provides tailored information and educational contents that aim to improve the patient’s empowerment and therapeutic compliance.
  • The Service Centre, with specialist staff that remotely support doctors, patients and healthcare facilities.
  • The Telemonitoring kit composed of specific certified medical devices (e.g. pulse oximeter or bodyfat scale) that can automatically communicate with the App and the Platform, supplied in accordance with the patient’s care needs.
Patients may measure their vital signs on their own or using special instruments that communicate with the platform via the app. Data are downloaded in real time in the CHS platform®, so they can be consulted by the health professionals.

The value of
Doctor Plus® solutions

  • Better clinical governance
  • Fewer hospitalizations
  • Fewer admissions to Emergency Rooms

Health System

  • Easier monitoring of the patient’s health conditions
  • Easier monitoring of the patient’s quality of life
  • More efficient resource and team management in healthcare

Health professionals

  • Greater awareness of one’s health conditions
  • improved therapeutic compliance in disease management


Our experience at your fingertips

The over 10,000 patients that Doctor Plus® Digital Health services take care of have given us the required expertise to develop specific optimal options to deal with different therapeutic areas. This was the source of all the nuances that Doctor Plus® can take when its fundamentals are tailored to the requirements of specifictherapeutic areas.

Are you a health professional?

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