Chronic Plus®

An innovative response to the challenge of chronic care management

Chronic Plus® is our chronic care management solution.
It consists of innovative digital health services designed to improve treatment plans for chronic patients through a better coordination between hospitals and local resources.

  • From “treating” to “caring”: this service makes interaction between health professionals easier, thus improving therapeutic compliance, appointments and access to all data (PDTA or diagnostic and treatment protocols, PAI or individual health care plans, current treatments, vital signs, etc.), for sustainable chronic care management.
  • Tailor-made treatment plans: to effectively assist GPs in the planning and management of the needs of chronic patients.
  • Individual health care plans (PAI), which can be consulted at any time and shared with all the people involved in the treatment plan.
This solution consists in a number of services that can be adapted to the patient’s health needs:
  • The CHS® Platform provides all the people involved in the treatment plan with a PDTA or diagnosticand treatment protocol and with a PAI or individual health care plan; it improves therapeutic compliance and the visualization of the vital signs measured by the patient.
  • The Vreely® App , to record and display health data.
  • The Service Centre with specialist staff for health professionals and patients.

Standing by doctors and patients to give “more life to life”

Chronic Plus® offers clear benefits to people by increasing continuity of care and treatment and by facilitating access to health services.
It assists doctors
by giving them an innovative management system, specifically designed to deal with chronic care.

The value of 
Chronic Plus® solutions

  • Health system
  • Better monitoring of health conditions and therapeutic compliance
  • Fewer unplanned admissions to health services

Health system

  • Better organization of medical work
  • Facilitates communication among all the professionals involved in the management of the patient’s treatment plan (GPs; Specialists, etc.)

Health professionals

  • More compliance with the PDTA or diagnostic and treatment protocol and with the PAI or
    individual health care plan
  • Improved continuity of care and easier access to health services
  • Increased awareness and empowerment


The over 50,000 patients we take care of in the local facilities (Local Health Units, Co-ops, GPs) have provided the expertise required to create specific optimized options to respond to the challenge of chronic care management.

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