Public and private healthcare providers


Policy Makers and Commissioners

Vree Health provides large health population management programs, including: chronic diseases stratification, disease and social plans, tele-health solutions, remote patient monitoring services, long terms care, through modular platforms, adaptive to the desired model of care that can be set, monitored and changed by public healthcare providers. The platforms unify three domains (disease management, patient relationship management and powerful BI engine) to configure chronic care management pathways with indicator of system performance, patient satisfaction and clinical/organizational outcomes. Vree Health has already experimented payment by results programs.


Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies

Vree Health develops innovative Patient Support Programs to help its customers to demonstrate the benefits and the value of their treatments, by empowering patients, improving treatment compliance, providing motivational support (ad hoc tutorship), monitoring of biometric values and changes in symptoms. Vree Health provides to customers anonymized multidimensional clinical, organizational and economic clusters of data and some indications to evaluate potential outcomes.

Insurance companies

Vree Health realizes innovative Connected Health services for Insurance companies willing to have an innovative role in the digital health space.