Patients and patients advocacy organization

Vree Health realizes innovative Patient Support Programs for patients and their caregivers. The aim is to improve access to care, compliance with treatment while ensuring better quality of life, with tangible results and value for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers.


Living with an illness means handling complex therapeutic and medication plans, often not coordinated, with endless tests, appointments, in a loop of frequent and sometimes expensive journeys among healthcare facilities. It happens to patients to be alone and to navigate the complexity of the health system. Vree Health provides a series of solutions to help patients and caregivers, also through digital technologies, to manage treatment plans and adherence.


When the progression of the illness requires to manage complex disease plans, Vree Health provides caregivers with services and solutions to alleviate the burden of the assistance and to detect changes in plan or adherence.

Patient advocacy groups

Vree Health Is the partner for large health population management programs, addressing individual life-cycle: from education and screening, chronic diseases, poli – morbidities, post-acute discharge, LTC until the palliative care.